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"The Tide" single out 08.21.20 

Label: Symphonic / Soul Step

/ Manic Days Records


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Multimagic Set To Release Personal Protest Anthem “The Tide” 08.21.20


"The Tide" is a hook-laden anthem from Ohio indie dreamers Multimagic. The song keeps in line with the band's millennial and zoomer adjacent mantra of fighting against the system / the way things are or always have been. Inspired in part by Hillary Clinton's devastating 2016 presidential election loss to Donald Trump, singer-songwriter Coran Stetter takes his personal experience with past relationships, failed friendships and dead end jobs and combines a hopeful message about our collective ability to fight for change amid our personal struggles as individuals.

The anthemic chorus "I was never the type / to try and lead you on / I was all on your side / I wish that you could tell / I fight the tide" comes from Stetter’s point of view as the constant campaigner, naive and hopeful, attempting to inspire a disenchanted and apathetic friend. Comparing himself to a politician on the campaign trail,  Stetter explain’s “the second verse is about dealing with imposter syndrome ‘haven't got a soul you're perfect for faking art / so what's the point to starting over / I was lost when I was at the top of the chart / which wasn't an awful lot’.“ 

Political undertones aside, "The Tide" is at its surface a bouncy shout-along, aesthetically inspired by the dreamy synth-pop rock of Foster the People and the Killers, finding space somewhere between M83 and Future Islands. Ultimately, "The Tide" rides a thin line between danceable synth pop and conscientious protest.

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“The Tide” is out on platforms August 21st, 2020